makes delivery of your purchases simple and easy. Just place your order with us and it will be delivered right to your home or business. FAST!

Please keep in mind that it is our goal to ship your order as fast as we can after it is placed. We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. Any orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be processed the next business day. Shipping times are average estimates only.

Your electronic signature “X” made at purchase confirms you have read the Terms and Conditions of Sale Agreement and Warranty Policy and has the same effect as if you signed it in ink. Phone orders are sent the shipping, return, and repair policies in a separate document

Electronic Signatures. You acknowledge that by clicking on the “X” button on “I agree to the Terms and Conditions of Sale Agreement and Warranty policy, you are indicating your full intent and full agreement to all terms and conditions of this sale agreement and warranty policy and that your clicking YES shall constitute your signature on this agreement. In the case of a phone order, you have 24 hours to request cancellation or submit questions,

Due to safety and liability issues, we do not do inside delivery or white glove service on delivery.


Shipping times listed or are verbally given on the phone are estimates only. Motobuys does not guarantee any exact shipping time. We do our very best to give you an accurate estimate of shipping and processing times. The average processing and shipping time is around two weeks.

Orders may not be canceled or refused due to extended transit schedules.  For the best results, if you have a (birthday, holiday gift, etc) always order far enough in advance. We are not responsible for any exact delivery times. Adding an assembly option for vehicles can add an extra 14 working days to the normal delivery time.

Once a vehicle has been packaged, inspected, and loaded on one of our top-line LTL carriers you will be provided a tracking number and link to the company’s live tracking system. Please understand that these are large freight shipments. You will not be receiving hour-by-hour updates.

Shipping times listed or are verbally given on the phone are estimates only. does not guarantee any exact shipping time. We do our very best to give you an accurate estimate of shipping and processing times. Because we use major LTL transportation carriers to deliver vehicles, shipping time averages an additional seven to ten days business days after processing in the warehouse. During the holiday season, transit time may be longer. Orders may not be canceled or refused due to extended transit schedules. For the best results, if you have a (birthday, holiday gift, etc) always order far enough in advance. We are not responsible for any exact delivery times. Adding an assembly option for vehicles can add an extra 14 working days to the normal delivery time.


When a shipment is tendered for delivery, and through no fault of the Carrier, such delivery cannot be accomplished, additional delivery attempts made be subject to fess up to $560.  If an item cannot be delivered due to the customer not being available, an address that is not accessible due to road conditions, narrow or blocked streets, or unsafe conditions, the customer is responsible for all freight fees and restocking charges. Shipments returned will be subject to freight fees and restocking charges.


Rush or expedited shipping is not available on large LTL items. offers RUSH HANDLING which can save one or two days in the order processing process.  Your order will be given priority in the warehouse for handing and loading.  Shipping still takes on average 5 to 7 business days once an item has been loaded.  Every item is shipped via a consolidated freight system.  We are not hiring a private truck to pick up your item to deliver to your home


Your product is carefully packed by the factory to protect against shipping damage. The metal frame, cardboard, and wrapping are all there to help absorb the rough handling that occurs with these large items. Damage to this outer carton is normal and it is not a reason to refuse a shipment.  Customer who rejects a shipment for packaging damage may be subject to cancellation and freight charges. If a shipment is rejected for damage Motobuys will inspect the item once it returns to our warehouse and issue the appropriate refund within 48 hours. The customer agrees to allow Motobuys to send out replacement parts, and touch-up paint for any damage that occurs in shipping.  Rejecting a shipment for minor cosmetic damage will be considered a refused shipment and fees will apply.


We do not ship directly to Alaska, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Hawaii. However, we will happily ship to a freight forwarding company. Additionally, certain areas in the lower 48 may require a freight fee. Those areas include, but are not limited to New England, New York City, and surrounding boroughs including Long Island, North Dakota, parts of Oregon, California, Washington, Florida Keyes, and parts of New England and any other area that has limited LTL service. Areas that are not accessible to large trucks will have to plan for a drop-off or freight terminal pick-up. These arrangements must be made before the unit is shipped or fees can be charged for the consignment if a change has to be made after shipping.
Shipping to government facilities, military bases, post exchange, college campuses, and airport service facilities may require additional fees to be paid by customers. Freight companies may experience long delays and may charge more at these locations.

Shipping instructions for fully assembled and large crated units.

Due to the large size of some fully assembled units (UTVs, Larger Go-Karts, Larger Trikes) and large crated unassembled units, the trucking company may not have a lift-gate that will be capable of lowering the unit from the truck bed. Please be advised that when choosing a fully assembled unit or a large unassembled crated unit, you might need to choose one of the following options to receive your unit:

1) Select an alternate location to which we may deliver your freight. This alternate location must have a loading dock and/or forklift that can remove your freight from the truck bed.

2) Arrange a forklift, skid steer, or large machine and manually remove your freight from the truck bed.

3) Pick up your freight at a local freight terminal with a flatbed or car trailer. Motobuys is not responsible for the cost of rental or flatbed tow.


Some large units are assembled and shipped on specialty carriers.  These car carriers will be given the customer’s contact information and provide the phone number for the buyer.  These units are shipped fully assembled and ready to drive off the carrier.  In some cases, the battery will be disconnected.  Shipping damage policy applies to these units.



You are responsible for performing the set-up/”PDI” that a dealer would normally perform. i.e.- installing rear view mirrors, setting up and connecting the battery, checking the tightness of all screws and wheel spokes, checking and securing all electrical connections, nuts, bolts, changing oil, etc. Items such as loose hardware and parts damaged from loose hardware and components are not covered under warranty. It is advisable to use a thread-locking agent such as Loctite on all hardware to help prevent loss of hardware. Occasionally, on some units, it may be necessary to perform other routine checks/adjustments, such as adjusting the setting of the idle speed and fuel/air mixture screws on the carburetor or cleaning it, mounting and checking tires or rims, drilling out or adjusting mounting holes, cleaning of the carburetor, checking to ensure wires are connected properly, clutch adjustments, adjusting chain slack and alignment (if applicable), to achieve optimum performance from your vehicle. Remember, it is your responsibility to check to make sure nuts and bolts are tight, even on assembled units. We will gladly assist you with any additional technical questions you may have.


Since you are buying online or via phone order, warehouse direct you are likely saving over half the price of buying from a retail dealership, you will need to perform the final PDI assembly (as stated above). This can take generally 30-90 minutes or more to perform depending on your vehicle and skill level. While we will gladly assist you with any technical support, we will not accept returns on your unit if you cannot perform these functions yourself and/or refuse to let a professional mechanic shop do it for you. By placing an order with Motobuys you agree to these terms as a part of your purchase.


Minibikekartel does not pay or reimburse any labor cost under any circumstances.

The factory parts warranty covers any manufacturer defect part that has not been damaged or broken while riding. The factory warranty covers motor parts for 3 to 6 months depending on model, (or unless an extended warranty is purchased) from the date of purchase, the factory warranty only covers motor and electric parts, and the parts must be sent in for replacement as required by the factory. The warranty does NOT cover wear and tear parts, initial setup costs, OR LABOR. The buyer must diagnose any issues and you can call our tech support to assist you with diagnosing the problem. Parts for replacement must be shipped back and the new part will then be shipped to you

Motobuys offers extended parts warranties on most models of the vehicles we sell. Your parts warranty will be extended by the length of time you select and purchase. All extended warranties are non-refundable after purchase. You cannot buy an extended warranty after you have received your vehicle.

If you need assistance with assembly, please do not hesitate to call us! M-F 9-5 PST at +1 641-243-2414 or email to

How do I get my Manufacture statement of origin (MSO) and bill of sale for registration

All Scooters, Trikes, or Street Legal Vehicles will require the MSO (Factory Title) and a bill of sale to be registered.  Off-road vehicles can be titled  please follow the same procedure

We do not automatically send registration documents out to prevent a lost shipment from being registered.  We require a phone call to (816) 754-6353 or an email to to request these documents be sent out via US mail It takes 7 to 14 days on average once the request has been made.

Most states do not require notary signatures on titles we do our best to know which ones require this extra step which adds a few days to the process. The customer is 100% responsible for all taxes, fees, and costs associated with local registration.

Please understand that DMV laws in every state are different. Make sure you research and understand the DMV laws in your area regarding any vehicle before you make your purchase. Motobuys does not do DMV registration, we provide you with an MSO and bill of sale only. In addition, you must check your state’s laws to determine what is required to use your purchase on the street or on public or private land. Motobuys is not responsible for ensuring your purchase is legal to use within your jurisdiction.

Guaranteed Delivery by Christmas has been offered a special shipping deal for the holiday period from November 15th through December 12th.  For an extra fee, our warehouses will place the highest priority on shipping for Express customers.  Our shipping companies would deliver before December 24th if the order is placed before December 12th.  If your freight does not arrive, will issue a refund for the extra shipping cost paid by the customer.  If shipping companies cannot reach you for an appointment for delivery before Christmas due to missing phone calls the wrong phone numbers you provided, or you cannot accept shipment due to your vacation plan, we will not refund the charges. will not refund the customer any amount beyond the Express Holiday fee charged on the order.  We have no control once freight is loaded and there are many factors in the length of time it takes a package to arrive at the destination.  The special deal and rapid handling are being offered through our carriers and suppliers.  If a unit arrives with minor damage that requires parts replacement will send parts out as described in our shipping policy and we will not issue a refund of the Express Shipping portion of a purchase.

All other terms and conditions of sale apply to shipments booked under the terms of this special handling offer. Please make sure to review all of our shipping and handling terms when placing orders.

Assembled orders must be received no later than December 7th to qualify for Express Guarantee.

This special shipping deal may end early without notice.