80cc Engine w/ Electric start – 5.0HP


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Single cylinder, air-cooled, crankcase scavenging,
2 Stroke
Ignition Mode: CDI Electric start
Max. Power: 5HP/6000r/min
Compression ratio: 7:1
Total  Rotational Transmission ratio: 16:1
Starting: Electric Start and Pull Start
Gas Tank capacity: 3L
Spark plug model: 4135
Clutch type: Oil centrifugal clutch
Cooling: Air-cooling
Shifting way: sprocket
Max.speed: Up to 50km/h
Stroke capacity: 80cc 
Fuel Type: Unleaded gas mixed with 2 stroke  synthetic oil
Hybrid  ratio: Within 1000km 20:1; above1000km 25:1
Net weight A(13kg); B(9KG)
Gross weight: A(14kg); B(10KG)
Gross weight: A box(39×29×29CM); B box(39×29×29CM)
Complete kit available: Includes batter / Carburetor / Petrol tank etc.