Astatic Red (Platinum Edition) Mini Trike

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Custom built mini trike

    wheelie bar wheels 58mm
    Air filter 35mm 45 degree angle
    Brake lever/caliper assembly
    kill switch
    Twist throttle assembly
    Wheels 8inch wide 6inch diameter
    Tires 12×8-6 treaded
    1inch rubber foot grips
    2L Gas Tank with petcock
    Fuel hose w/clamps
    48 tooth #41 sprocket
    Full Flanged Brake Hub-1″ Bore
    1″ Bearing kit (3 hole)
    Sprocket Hub Set (5/8 front and 1″ Rear)
    Shaft Collars splits (8)
    Handlebars 1/8
    Handlebars rises 1 1/4 height
    Handlebars riser clamps 1/8
    Spring Seat
    Engine 212cc pull string start
    30 series torque converter 10 tooth #41 3/4 driver