RPS Youth Mini-Jeep, 150cc, 3 Speed Semi Auto Trans, Adjustable Seat



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New for 2023 is an all-new classic Mini-Jeep in the style of the Scout.  Larger engine and heavier weight capacity, the unit includes a full-size spare tire, fully operational lights, blinkers, brake lights and reverse lights.  LED headlights and side view mirrors.

This proven drive train will give hours of fun for kids and adults.  Stylish and all new for 2023.

CA customers: This item is NOT CARB approved, but you may use on your private land.

Tech Spec

Engine 150cc, air-cooled, automatic

with reverse

Starting mode Electric
Fuel system Gasoline and carbureted
Brake (Front/Rear) Disc/Disc
Tire size(Front/Rear) 18×7-8/18×7-8
Oil capacity 0.8L

Battery 12V7A
Light LED headlight Lights
Suspension(Front/Rear) Dual A-arms

Dimensions(LxWxH) 95’’x42’’x42’’

Seat height:


27.5’’(2 seats)

weight capacity 286 .65lbs.
Minimum Ground Clearance 5’’