Tao ULTRA-PRO DB27 Deluxe Dirt/Pit Bike, 4 speed manual trans, 35-inch Seat Height Kick Start, Manual Trans. CA Legal




Strong Rear Shock suspension: The rear shock suspension will provide you with comfortable riding during tough off-roading.
KICK START: An engine with kick start gives more performance and allows you to start your dirtbike like a pro racer.
LARGE DISC BRAKE Another great safety feature. Provides advanced braking power, and the large disc brake allows you to slow down or stop quickly and steadily.
BIG WHEELS AND TIRES: Improve handling, control, and performance while maintaining comfortable riding. Dirt tires is also designed to tackle the toughest of all off-roads and terrains without having to compromise their smooth and comfortable ride
PADDED SEATING: Enjoy a comfortable ride. Nice and spacious cushioned seating for a pleasant riding experience.
4-Speed Manual Transmission
Front and Rear Disc Brake
Large Fuel Tank
Quality Steel Kick Stand
Front and Rear Rugger Knobby Tires Provides Xlint Traction
FAST! 125cc 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled Engine
Riders are not all the same height at the same age, and that’s why Jet Moto offers so many choices when it comes to Dirt Bikes. When it comes to the new Jet Moto Ultra-Pro with the larger tire, you will get the same great machine as their standard Pit Bikes, but this one offers a bigger wheel and a two-inch taller 35″ seat height. That combination means it will be perfect for thousands of teens and adults who just want to get out on the trails and have fun.
125cc, 4 Stroke with 4 Speed Manual Transmission,
Wheels Measure 17″ in Front and 14″ in the rear,
Chrome Wheels,

Semi-Pro Alloy Hubs,
Upgraded Rear Shock,
Front/Rear Wavy Disc Brake Rotor,
Upgraded Exhaust,
Hydraulic Inverted Conventional Fork.
Steel Skid Plate,
Steel Back Bone Frame,
Steel (Straight Type) Swing Arm,
Durable Graphics.
The Ultra-Pro DB 27 offers a dependable four-stroke single-cylinder engine with awesome performance and a wide powerband that is perfect for all types of riders, including beginners.
Stopping Power
Just because it’s a small bike Jet Moto doesn’t scrimp on the details just the opposite, in fact: The Tao’s front & rear disc brakes are a perfect example. It’s a big-brand bike feature at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.
Manual clutch
Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Front Hand Brake plus Rear Foot Brake
C.D.I Electronics
Easy Kick Start
Rugged Rear Shock: 125cc 4 Speed Dirt Bike comes with an upgraded rugged rear shock.
CDI Ignition System: 4 Speed Dirt Bike is also equipped with a CDI ignition system.
Features original decals that are professionally designed to give it a professional look.
Upgraded Alloy Rims: Lightweight ALLOY RIMS gives this dirt/pit bike perfect maneuverability.
Upgraded Alloy Handle Bar, Cross Bar, & Triple Tree:
All bars on this kid’s dirt bike have also been upgraded to the alum alloy for a stronger and more lightweight dirt bike.
Upgraded Alloy Exhaust & Brake Lever Tip: Upgraded with an alloy exhaust and brake lever tip.
Heavy Duty Chain and Sprocket: Equipped with a heavy-duty chain and sprocket. This heavy-duty chain and performance sprocket work together for the highest durability in this pit bike.
Transmission: 4-Speed 1-down, 3-up, 4-speed manual transmission.
125cc 4-Stroke Engine: 9 horsepower 
High-Quality Inverted Front Forks:
17″Front and 14″Rear Tires:
Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes: For the ultimate in-stopping power.

Tech Specs
Engine Type 125CC,Air cooled, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder,
Start Type Kick Start
Transmission Chain Drive
Engine Gear 4-speed (1-N-2-3-4)
Wheelbase(inch) 49.00 Inches (1245 mm)
Ignition CDI
Fuel Capacity 1.5 Gal (5.5 L)
Front Brake Hydraulic Disc — Hand Braker
Rear Brake Hydraulic Disc — Foot Braker
Tire Front 70/100 – 17
Tire Rear 90/100 – 14
Rim Front 1.6 x 17 (steel)
Rim Rear 1.8 x 14 (steel)
G.W.(lbs) 208 LBS (94.5KG)
N.W.(lbs) 162 LBS (73.5KG)
Overall Size(inch) 72 x 30 x 46 Inches (1820 x 760 x 1160 mm)
Carton Size(inch) 62 x 17 x 32 Inches (1580 x 430 x 810 mm)
Seat Height 35 Inches
Ground clearance 14.57 Inch”

Our Company Warranty Policies
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Buyers will need basic repair & basic setup skills such as using tools; replacing nuts & bolts, filters, light bulbs, fluids, adjustments, etc. If you don’t have this ability we suggest using a mechanic to assist you with your needs. Our tech support Hotline is available to assist you.
ENGINE: All internal lubricated parts, i.e. Pistons, piston rings, piston pins, connecting rods, rod bearings, camshaft, camshaft bearings, timing chain, crankshaft, crankshaft main bearings, oil pump, water pump, valves, valve springs, valve guides, valve seats, valve lifters and valve push rods. Additionally, the engine head and cylinder will only be covered if damage is caused solely as a result of the mechanical failure of one or more internal lubricated components listed above. (Broken gears any damage from outside impacted is not covered warranty)
ENGINE CASE: The Engine case itself will only be covered if the damage caused was solely as a result of the mechanical failure of one or more of the internal lubricated components listed above. (Broken gears any damage from outside impact is not covered warranty)
DRIVE SYSTEM: All internal lubricated parts contained within the drive axle housing case, i.e. differential, differential gears, drive shaft, drive axles, CV joints, axle bearings, reverse gears and output shafts. The drive axle housing as well as the reverse gearbox housing, if damaged solely as a result of the mechanical failure of one or more or the internal lubricated components contained the drive axle housing will be covered. (Any bent, broken, or damage by outside impact is not covered warranty)
FUEL SYSTEM: For carburated vehicles; Carburetor, vacuum fuel pump, intake manifold, fuel tank and fuel petcock. For fuel injected vehicles; Fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator.
ELECTRICAL: Stator, stator pickup, magneto, voltage regulator rectifier, CDI, starter relay starter solenoid, starter motor, coil, distributor assembly and injector relay.
COOLING SYSTEM: Radiator, radiator cap, thermostat, thermostat housing, temperature indicator switch, cooling fan motors; water pump and water pump housing.
BRAKES: Calipers, drum housings, drum brake linkage, reservoirs, rotors, and lines.
CHASSIS: Frame, swing arms, A-arms, steering controls, (if not caused by jumping or impact.)
TRANSMISSION (Automatic or Standard): All internal lubricated parts contained within the transmission case, i.e. flywheel, hydraulic shift linkage, kick start spindle, kick start secondary gear and transmission gears. The transmission case itself will be covered if the damage was solely as a result of mechanical failure of one or more of the internal lubricated components contained within the transmission case. (Improper shifting of gears by not coming to stop complete can cause damage to internal gears. (“”This cause is not covered warranty””)

WHAT IS NOT COVERED: The following is a list of items not covered by the warranty policy. This list is not all inclusive and may be modified at any time. Batteries, Belts, Brakes and Brake Pads, Chains, Clutch, Foot peg mount, Hand Levers, Hoses, Lights, Mirrors, Plastic Body, Seats, Shocks, Spark Plugs, Tires, Transmission.
COVERAGE AND LIMITATIONS: Initial assembly and preparation must be preformed in accordance with the Consumer Motor Vehicle Delivery Preparation and Inspection Form that is provided by the manufacturer. Additionally, all work must be performed by a professional mechanic (i.e. engine repair shop, motorcycle shop, or local auto repair shop) or an authorized Dealer of the manufacturer to assure your vehicle is in good working condition. Upon completion, you must mail in the Consumer Motor Vehicle Delivery Preparation and Inspection Form signed by the technician that performed the service. You will need to provide proof of this service when filing a warranty claim, so (end user) must keep your receipts. Subject to the limitations stated in this agreement,
MOTOBUYS.com agrees (at its sole discretion) to replace a covered component if the covered component fails as a result of one or more of the internal lubricated parts within the component stated warranty period from the date of purchase, while the component has been used under the conditions and in the manner specified by its original manufacturer. Keep in mind these off-road units are built for recreational use only. Your claim may be denied under the following circumstances:
Misuse or abuse of the vehicle, i.e.
Stunt riding
Modification of any kind
Riding at constant wide open throttle (over revving the engine)
Unit is used as a rental
Damage is caused by an accident
Product is used in a manner that it is not designed for
Rider abuse
Improper adjustmentoperation of the clutch, i.e. dragging, causing premature burning of the
friction plates
Improper adjustmentoperation of brakes. Driving with parking brake on.
Improper gear engagement, i.e. engaging reverse will moving forward
Improper maintainance, i.e.
Lack of routine maintenance
Repairs performed improperly,
Use of incorrect lubricants
Improper initial set up
Use of aftermarket parts for repair
The following items are not covered: Tires, rims, body panels, fuses, forks, shocks, gaskets, light bulbs, seats, CV Boots, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, filters, clutch wear parts, cables, drive belt, chain, spark plug, any part made from rubber, belts, brake linings and/or pads, batteries, sprockets, external springs, clips, nuts, bolts and fasteners.
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FOR ENGINES: All Engine warranty issues must be processed through MOTOBUYS.com or if directed through the manufacturer of the unit purchased. In ether case, after obtaining an RMA number from MOTOBUYS.com, you will be provided with a return shipping label. The motor must be removed from the vehicle, safely packaged and shipped to our repair facility located at the address listed on the shipping label. MOTOBUYS.com or the manufacturer reserves the right to decline any warranty claim based on the criteria listed in the COVERAGE AND LIMITATIONS portion of this warranty.